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Inktober: Karloff

Continuing my Inktober celebration of horror film stars, herewith the inimitable Mr. Karloff. Boris Karloff  in The Black Cat (1934) Boris Karloff is most famous, of course, for his first big role as the creature in James Whale’s 1931 Frankenstein.  … Continue reading

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Inktober: Lugosi

So I’m late to the party with this “Inktober” business – just found out about it the other day.  Choosing to jump in, I figured considering the time of year, I might as well make my Inktober creations celebrate some … Continue reading

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Dying is My Business

Anyone who enjoys urban fantasy noir should immediately go pick up Dying Is My Business. The promise of the title (a play on Chandler’s Trouble Is My Business) is well fulfilled, especially in the use of language – if Chandler … Continue reading

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