A writer, painter, sculptor, and digital artist, I’m best known to comics fans for work on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, and my graphic novel adaptation of Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour.  My paintings and cover designs have appeared on science fiction and horror books by authors like Fred Saberhagen, Graham Masterton, Les Daniels, and Robert E. Howard.  I’ve illustrated magazines, book covers and movie posters like Nightmare on Elm Street & Blademaster, and theatrical billboards for the Pittsburgh Public Theatre, Lamb’s Theatre, and internationally renowned magician Jeff McBride. The Who, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Def Leppard, and many other rock groups have used my designs on their tour T-Shirts.

As an author, I’ve published a few short stories in various anthologies, most recently in Impossible Futures, edited by Judith Dial and Tom Easton.  My first novel, Darkwalker, was released in January ’14.



I’m also a professional maskmaker – I create hand-sculpted leather masks, and have won a few awards with them.  Mask clients have included magician Jeff McBride (known for using masks in his performances), Wes Craven, the Smithsonian, The Big Apple Circus, and assorted small theater companies and independent films.